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Caring Dog Breeders

Ford's Lil Paws is a USDA, MISSOURI and AKC licensed facility that breeds adorable Shih Tzu, Pugs, and Boston Terriers. EVERYONE THAT Read THIS PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE HERE AT FORD'S LIL PAWS WILL NEVER EVER ALLOW A PUPPY TO LEAVE EITHER BY PICK UP OR TRAVEL BEFORE 8 WEEKS OF AGE!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND IF YOU HAVE YOUR HEART SET ON A CERTAIN PUPPY FOR ANY REASON THEN YOU MUST UNDERSTAND FOR THE SAKE AND HEALTH OF ALL OUR FUR BABIES YOUR PUPPY CAN'T LEAVE BEFORE 8 WEEKS OF AGE! We here at Ford's Lil Paws only sell AKC puppies and each of our daddies are DNA tested and all puppies are sold as pets only!  The only way any snub nose breed is allowed to go by air from here on out is if they are shipped in cabin with a human so for that reason we still offer shipping but only with a puppy nanny. We are so sorry but at this point in time there is no other way to fly our fur babies. Of course with a puppy nanny comes a higher shipping cost and we can discuss those charges with you on the phone if you chose to have your fur baby shipped. But the good news to this new rule is if you chose to have your fur baby flown with a puppy nanny you can always use our finance company and include that charge into one! Please call us for a one on one discussion on how this works I'm sure you will agree it's a lot less stressful and cost effective to have your newest family member hand delivered to you at the major airport of your choice ! Or as before your always welcome to travel here to Ford's Lil paws and pick your newest family member up, we would love to meet you and sit and talk over a glass of cold Ice Tea or Hot cup of coffee! WE ARE A USDA, MISSOURI, AND AKC LICENSED FACILITY. WE HAVE A BIO HAZARD SECURITY PLAN IN PLACE FOR NOT ONLY OUR FACILITY BUT WHEN EVER YOU ENTER OUR DRIVEWAY AND OUR HOME.WE DO THIS TO KEEP OUR FUR BABIES AS HEALTHY AS POSSIBLE, PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE CAN'T BY LAW ALLOW ANYONE IN OUR FACILITY PER OUR USDA INSPECTOR!!! WE WILL However BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO BRING OUR PARENTS TO OUR FRONT DOOR AND PATIO WHERE YOUR MORE THAN WELCOME TO INTERACT WITH EACH OF THEM. WITH OUR BIO HAZARD SECURITY PLAN WE REQUIRE ALL OUR VISITORS TO WEAR BLUE SHOE COVERS, THROW AWAY PAPER HOSPITAL GOWNS WHICH WE PROVIDE FOR THE Safety OF OUR FUR BABIES AND WILL REQUIRE ALL VISITORS TO WASH THEIR HANDS BEFORE TOUCHING ANY OF OUR FUR BABIES NO EXCEPTIONS AT ALL!! 

HER TOP ISSUE WE HERE AT FORD'S LIL PAWS WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO BE AWARE OF IF YOUR NOT ALREADY AND THAT IS THERE ARE SO MANY SCAMMERS ON THE INTERNET!! WE HERE AT FORD'S LIL PAWS WILL NEVER ASK ANY BUYER TO PAY WITH A AMAZON CARD OR ANY TYPE OF CARD, WE ONLY EXCEPT PAYPAY WHICH COVERS US AS WELL AS OUR PUPPY PARENTS!! We recently found our puppies and the same worded ad's on a scammers website out of Mission Texas called LOVE MY PUGS!!!!! My husband and I both are retired law enforcement, he was a federal agent with ICE for 27 plus years and I was in local law enforcement!! We are the real deal, NO SCAMMERS HERE, and we never give breeding rights! We've been breeding dogs for over 33 years with great success while maintaining a stellar record for health and safety. Our state of the art facility is always clean and puppy-friendly, ensuring that our puppies never get sick and are cared for only by our team of dedicated employees. Our fur-babies are also bred from only the highest quality stock, and all our male studs are DNA tested for authenticity, so trust that you're taking home only the BEST of fur ever family member!

Once a puppy has a deposit on it we require ALL OUR FUR BABIES TO GO TO OUR VET AND PASS A VERY INTENSE HEALTH CHECK UP AND FECAL TESTING THEN WE SEND YOU THIS REPORT ALONG WITH THE SHOT RECORD AND MISSOURI HEALTH CERT ELECTRONICALLY SO THAT EVERYONS ON THE SAME PAGE TO JUST HOW HAPPY AND HEALTHY YOUR FUR BABY IS. Whenever you arrive or we meet for you to get your puppy we require that you sit aside 1 hour of your time and we go OVER ALL THE INFORMATIONAL PACKET ALONG WITH THE Original HEALTH VET REPORT WE GIVE YOU THE ALL THE Original DOCUMENTS AND YOU WILL HAVE 48 HOURS TO TAKE YOUR FUR BABY TO YOUR VET AND SEND US BACK YOUR VETS REPORT. We also have listed and outlined certain items in our health guarantee for your acknowledgment such as at the time of pick up your fur baby has been seen by our vets at Independence Animal Hospital with the vet's signature, we also point out that AT THE TIME OF PICK UP that our health guarantee will never cover hernia's which are very common in all breeds of puppies and a hernia can pop out at ANY TIME OR AGE, and this is NOT A Genetic ISSUE BY NO MEANS, IT'S NO DIFFERENT From HUMANS. If at the time of our vet check up if a hernia is detected OR ANY ISSUE ARISES THAT WE ARE NOT AWARE OF WE IMMEDIATELY CONTACT Your BY TEXT AND BY PHONE AND GIVE YOU THE OPTION TO MOVE MORE FORWARD WITH YOUR FUR BABY!! We here at ford's Lil Paws are very, honest, and hard working people who always give all our fur bAbies only the best! a PUPPY GAllery

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About Us

Ford's Lil Paws was founded by a caring loving and honest couple, who love all God's Creatures. Every animal we breed is raised with love and care. From Pug puppies to newborn Shih-Tzu, we take great care to ensure that all of our fur-babies are healthy, happy, pre-spoiled, so all you have to do is take over the spoiling where we left off!  Here at Ford's Lil Paws we are so PROUD to say we've never had a sick fur baby or an unhappy puppy parent, so reach out to us for referrals from all over the United States, and Canada. Ford's Lil Paws is excited to announce we now offer financing available! JUST CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND YOUR WELL ON YOUR WAY TO WELCOMING HOME ONE OF OUR SWEETEST FURBABIES! 

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Here at Ford's Lil Paw's we live by our Mission Statement.

Ford's Lil Paw's Mission Statement

Ford's Lil Paws believe great puppies come from great breeders! We strive to improve the breed while considering health, temperament, and training, and we help you by promoting responsible dog ownership. We are committed to improving the lives of all of our fur babies and their parents. It takes 100 percent love and devotion, and that is what we do—part science and 100 percent love and devotion for breeding healthy, happy, fur babies that will become your newest fur-ever family member. Come join our many satisfied and happy puppy parents on this amazing journey of puppy love! You have our entire teams support, and we promise you won't be sorry you did.

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Monday - Saturday 8:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m. Sunday Noon til 6:00 p.m.  

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Based Out Of Odessa, MO, and Serving Nationwide