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Here at Ford's Lil Paws, we take great pride in providing only socialized, healthy, and happy, puppies to loving homes. We take care of our furry babies just like they are our own children and in every way imaginable, including a complete de-worming program, starting at 2 weeks of age and remaining on this program until they go to their fur-ever home, along with making sure they receive only the best in vaccination's! All our fur babies come with dew claws already removed, are micro-chipped and all puppies are sold as pets only, recieve a NeoPar shot, at least one Nobivac 5-way puppy shot, and any other age-appropriate vaccinations recommended by our amazing team of vets before they ever go to their fur-ever home. All of our fur babies are fully checked out by our amazing registered team of vet's 3 day's prior to going home to their fur-ever home. Our team of Vet's will conduct a very intense 32 point health check up along with doing a fecal floation testeing! We here at Ford's Lil Paws insist and require our team of vet's to conduct this intense health check up and fecal floation testing done by our vet! Once your fur baby has this required intense health check up and fecal floation testing done and we have our vet's final approval and signature of the health of your new furbaby we then email you the findings, you can look it over and even call our vet if you should have any concerns, but to be fair we suggest if you should have any concerns what so ever at all either call or take the paperwork to a vet of your choice, we want you to be happy and excited just as much as we are to have this awesome jouney of love to help bring such joy and love into your loving home as much as our babies are loved here! Upon arrival of your newest fur family member you will receive all the orginal health documation, shot and worming schedule, and the Missouri health certificate. You then have 48 hours to take your newest fur baby to a vet of your choice along with all our incrediable health documation, and you must have your vet go over our documation and email back his/her current health check up so that everyone is all on board with the health of your newest fur baby! You can't ask for better service anywhere than from 
For's Lil Paws!

Own A Purebreed puppy Today

All of our puppy parents are located on-site—we don't outsource breeding. Each of our puppies comes with an informational packet and welcome letter that includes all medical records and their puppy paper work which show's their daddy's DNA authentication. Each puppy is individually priced based on gender, size, and color and are sold as pets only no breeding rights are given! Here at Ford's Lil Paws we require a  $200 non-refundable deposit to hold the puppy and take it down from our website. Once you receive the puppy, you have 48 hours to take it to a vet of your choice for a checkup and you must email your vet's finding back here to us at Ford's Lil Paws! None of our puppies require too much room—all they need is lot's of love, food, water a healthy life style to keep them healthy happy and loved, something we know you can provide.


Perfect Pugs

Here at Ford's Lil Paws we we specialize in the stardard colored pugs but also breed unique and rare colored pugs which include White, Reverse Brindles, Brindles, Black Brindles, Black, Fawn, Apricot Fawn, and will have a few more new beauiful and unique colors coming in the fall of 2018! Pugs are a lot of love in a small package, Pugs are sturdy, compact dogs that are in the toy groups. Pugs are accurately called the clowns of the canine world, as they have a great sense of humor and like to show off, and will keep you laughing! Pugs thrive on human companionship, whether they are of the standard size or a smaller variant. We have pugs of all sizes, including championship bloodlines and non championship bloodlines! So call us today for your next fur baby! Your going to wonder just how did you live without your fur-baby!

Stupendous Shih Tzus

We breed both the smaller size (4-9 pounds) and standard (10-15 pounds) size Shih Tzu. We breed a range of unique colors including liver, white, white/gold, gold, blues, blue brindles, chocolate, and red/white. We also breed some champion bloodlines. Shih Tzus are renowned for being hypo-allergenic and don't shed! So this is the perfect furbaby for anyone with allergies! They are friendly and make for great family dogs. They are bred for companionship and, despite their name meaning "little-lion," there is nothing remotely ferocious about these fuzzy balls of love. They're easy to train and ready to please, so reach out to us today to add one of our awesome beauitful Shih-Tzu fur-babies as your newest family member, we promise youo won't be sorry you did!


Boston Terrier

Beloved Boston Terriers

Boston terriers are loyal, friendly family dogs that are never aggressive, though they do make for great watchdogs. Known as the "American Gentleman," these dogs are gentle and compassionate. They are easy to train and adapt to any environment, including apartment living. Our standard size Boston terriers range from 10 to 14 pounds. We breed black/white, brindle, and red/white terriers. If you're looking for a resilient, beautiful dog, a Boston terrier fur-baby may be perfect to add as your newest family member!